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Oahu - Maui- Lanai
SEPT 7TH to 14TH 2024


Reserve your spot with a $350

refundable deposit

FROM SEPT 7 TH to SEPT 14TH 2024

Arriving in HONOLULU  Hawaii on SEPT 6TH

$2230.00 per person.

Airfare from the continent not included.


Oahu: "The gathering place". Waikiki beach is filled with exotic energy, amazing hikes to wonderful vistas of the pacific and the green mountains, all that plus some of the best snorkeling and hiking in the world.


Heavenly beaches to its scenic natural wonders Maui:

Discover your own reasons to love Maui as you stroll the seaside streets of Lahaina and the lovely beaches of Kaanapali. Feel the mana (power) of Haleakala National Park or discover the arts and culture of Kahului and Upcountry Maui. Your vacation on the “Valley Isle” promises to be unforgettable. "Maui no ka oi," or "Maui is the best."


On this incredible journey we will be diving into a deep and and empowering yoga series. Begin and end each day with yoga, breath, and energy work to capitalize on every moment of your experience in Hawaii. Awaken your prana (vital life force) through a guided practice designed uniquely to cultivate deep relaxation, increase presence and awareness, energize the chakras (inner body energy points),  as well as relieve tension and anxiety. Each day will involve a new focus on each chakra point. Weaving one energy center to the next so that every practitioner will become more aware and in tune with how their energy is flowing. On our final day of the retreat we will end with a tantric energy healing session combining hatha, tantra, and kundalini practices to create the ultimate sense of balance and harmony within and without our bodies.



Arrive to HONOLULU this day at any time. We will pick you up from the airport. No activities this date. We have a pre-night included in the cost of this trip. Official trip will start on the morning of  SEPT 7TH. 3 nights in the OAHU


Day 1: SEPT 7TH

We will meet early morning for Our first day in paradise. It is a relaxing one, while we get adjusted to the time changes and recover from the long flight. We will be hiking Diamond Head.3 miles. Afternoon Visit to Pearl Harbor. Evening exploring Waikiki.


Wind down our first day with a restorative yoga flow at sunset on the magnificent beaches of Waikiki.  A restful practice that holds yoga poses (asanas) for a longer duration to increase flexibility and relieve tension after a day of exploration. It is a practice of deep relaxation that emphasizes the meditative aspect of yoga—the union of body and mind.


Day 2: SEPT 8TH

Wake up to a quick energizing yoga warm up and stretch to start your day. Better than coffee, we will awaken the body’s natural inner energy through breath and movement! We will also discuss and practice focused pranayama techniques to help you find a sense of security and grounding as we introduce the first in our chakra series the muladhara (root) chakra. You will leave feeling invigorated and ready for the beautiful day ahead. 


Easy morning. Today we hike the KOKO CARTER to be ready for an amazing challenge. 3 Miles.

 Afternoon snorkeling on the North Shore We will also explore the North shore Famous Fumi's truck and Turtle Bay.


The day ends with a sunset yoga session on the north coast. As we take time to slow down unwind and internalize the remarkable sights and scenes from the day. Finding a connection to the earth’s frequencies and drawing that energy into our root chakras as we prepare to shift awareness and focus into the day ahead.


Day 3: SEPT 9TH


Svadhishthana (sacral) connects with water. Wake up to an energized ocean view yoga session as we relate the ebb and flow of the tide to our sacral energy ceters. Followed by a sunrise hike at the Pillbox trail for an amazing view of the island. Early afternoon snorkel in Hanauma bay.

We will spend the rest of the day with Beach time.


Day 4: SEPT 10TH


We enter our center solar plexus (manipura) chakra. Here we learn our strength and grow stamina and endurance and self confidence. Connecting to the strong tall mountains around us and gathering the greatest strengths from within. Followed by a morning waterfall hike.

Afternoon Standing paddle or kayaking on Waikiki beach.


Optional sup yoga on the water guided by experienced ERYT200 SUP instructor who will guide you through every step of stand up paddleboarding for all levels. Gain confidence, skill, and balance on the board incorporating yoga skills you have already practiced in the first few days of your trip. You will amaze yourself with your confidence on the boards as we delve deeper into our solar plexus chakra and grow together on the boards.


Last night in Oahu


Day 5: SEPT 11TH

Morning flight to Maui. 

Mid-day afternoon Hiking and snorkeling Laparussa . 


We ignite the fire of the heart chakra (anahata) with an impassioned yoga flow upon a volcanic rock to end our fifth day. Creating openness and allowing for growth and self discovery as we explore the beginning of our upper chakras and learn how to channel our discoveries of each individual energy center from days before.


Day 6: SEPT 12TH


Moving upward in our energy and yoga practice we will utilize breath and meditation to bring awareness into our throat chakra (vishudda) in our morning flow. Discover how to channel what is in your heart and communicate your needs to others through this enlightening practice.


Exploring The Bamboo Forest with a lunch stop on beautiful Paia. Afternoon drive to Halakalea for an amazing day on the road to Hanna


Wind down with a restorative yoga session designed to clear the mind and totally relax the body.


Day 7: SEPT 13TH


In Lanai we open our awareness to the third eye (ajna) chakra. Here we find pathways to our intuition and self exploration. Once more using our breath and asana practice to delve into a moving meditation and incorporating mudras to help channel awareness further inward. 


Day trip excursion. Ferry Day trip to the island of LANAI. We will explore, Snorkel and enjoy this beautiful island before getting back to MAUI the same day.


Day 8: SEPT 14TH


Finally on our last day in Maui we will bring awareness into the crown (sahasrara) chakra. This practice will begin and end with a guided meditation to assist each practitioner in developing a connection to universal/divine energy. We will involve multiple tantric and kundalini methodologies to cultivate our new sense of self discovery and awareness and manifest a deeper harmony within and without our own selves.

Mid Morning - Mid day transfer to Maui Airport




* All Yoga instruction

* Yoga instructor onsite 

* Hawaii inter-island flights

* All Hawaii ground transportation

* All hotel accommodations

* All permits and fees

* All snorkeling and gear

* Expert and experienced guide services with wilderness first aid certification

* Group limited to 8 people

Physical Demands: 3 out of 5 - Includes outdoor endeavors of hiking, kayaking, snorkeling. Requires an average level of fitness.

Accommodations: Standard Service Level - comfortable tourist class hotels

All rates are per person, based on double occupancy.

$350 deposit per person. Full refundable till 45 days prior to trip departure date.

Cancellations and Refunds:

Final payment is 45 days prior to trip S

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