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We are your best choice for custom Adventure trips and instruction. From Beginner rock climbing, rappelling, canyoneering day outings, and  Extensive backpacking/kayaking/
mountaineering trips. No experience necessary, equipment supplied. Locally and abroad.


We guarantee the best instruction and a great value. Our motto is " To help, to achieve and to teach" with us, you will not be just a client in an event but will be an active, dynamic participant and will be involved in the wholesome process of "Outdoor Adventures" in a friendly , fun and safe environment.

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What Carolina Adventure Guides look for in a Guide?
  • First and fore most the ability to engage the client on a personal level. With out this skill not communication, instruction or safety measure may be achieve to its totality.

  • Good judgement and decision making, when assessing risk against pay-off. Common sense and mountain sense to be able to apply "safe measures "  in an effective way.

  • Solid and fluent rope skills and climbing moves to be demonstrate with capability, confidence and ease. To teach the grade on a comfortable level.  

  • Vigorous and durable physical shape to fulfill the demand of clients and to readily react with energy to any unforeseen event.

  • Deep knowledge of climbing gear and techniques as well as  any other items in the day to day "Client-care-kit".

  • First Aid Wilderness certificated.

  • Commitment to good etiquette and environmentally friendly climbing as well as Leave-not-trace guidelines.

  • Extensive and gainful rock climbing history by means of Climbing Courses, Climbing Certification, or Individual experience. 

Meet The Team

Tito Menjivar
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Adventure Travel

I love the outdoors and feel connected with people who search for it and enjoy it in a loving and respectful way.

I have climbed and explored mountains since I was 14.

Teaching and imparting instructions in Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Canyoneering, Ice climbing, Mountaineering and kayaking for over 24 years.


Along the way have met a great deal of amazing people, explored the mountains where I can find them and have learned that the best "goal" to have is to have fun and enjoy every single minute.

Ashley Price

Yoga Instructor

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Landon Byrd
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I've been climbing for over 3 years. My first time on the rock was with CAG at a beginner's outing and I fell in love. Took an anchor setting class and set out on my own.


Since then I have had wilderness first aid training, CPR training, and recently took AMGA's single pitch instructor course. I started helping CAG with classes about a year ago and absolutely love sharing the joy with others. Showing people how to enjoy nature to the fullest while respecting it is very rewarding for me and hearing back from clients who enjoyed themselves always makes my day.


My favorite climbs are traditional multi-pitch routes, Zoo View at Moore's Wall being my favorite climb so far. I love pushing myself and I hope to gain Rock Guide certification eventually, which involves leading 5.11 traditional climbs, so you can find me training in my free time. I look forward to meeting and climbing with you!

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Ashley Kirkman Price is a 200 hour registered yoga instructor.

A practiced yogi of twenty plus years.

With a concentration in vinyasa based yoga as well as yin, power, restorative, family, chair, SUP, and aquatic yoga. Offering guided meditations and personalized yoga instruction both on and off the mat which help develop strength, flexibility, and open new paths for the mind and body.

Ashley loves to practice and play outdoors and promotes a deep sense of responsibility to and connection with nature. 


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