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Offering on these dates:
APRIL 20TH - 21ST 2024


This cave is 6 hours and 30 minutes way from Charlotte NC. 4 Hours and 35 minutes from Asheville. 3 hours from Atlanta.

RATE: $140
MAX: 4 people
All gear and instruction is included.

Caving Trip for Beginner to Advanced
Stephen's Gap is a large, 143 foot deep, very beautiful open-air pit with a separate walk-in entrance. This cave is great for both cavers and non-cavers. Cavers can enjoy dropping the pit while non-cavers can walk into the cave and enjoy the cool air and the beautiful view. In the Spring, there are usually waterfalls pouring into the cave from several sides of the cave. In June and close to summer solstice, the maximum amount of sunlight pours into the cave and makes for some awesome photography.

This cave is located in Jackson County, AL about 7 miles west of the highway 79/highway 35 intersection. It is on private property and the land manager will permit us to visit this cave. We will hike just under 1 mile uphill on a well-marked trail to get to this cave.

STOP. Before signing up for this event, it is highly recommended that you read this entire page for your own safety and for the safety of others in the group.

NOTE: It is suggested to Drive or arrive to the area the night before the event and stay in Scottsboro or Fort Payne. 

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