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October 23rd

"hello, we would like to thank you for the great experience that the whole family had yesterday.
our guide Tato was fantastic, good sense of humor that helped ten-year old Rhianna to get over the fear and he is also very professional when it comes to experience and knowledge.
thank you again for the great experience and I have shared this with a few guys at work this morning, please expect some on-line inquires.
thank you"

Teresa Michael
May 13th
"Just wanted to thank you again for a great day!  T "

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Janice Booth
October 2, 2016 at 8:27pm
Thanks for the fun day today, Tito, Katie (and more) at Carolina Adventure Guides! Super awesome!

Kimberly Ann Denicola added 31 new photos  by FB— with Nestor Gadea Boix and Tito Menjivar at Bradley Falls.
June 11 · Saluda · 
Oh-My-Gee!! Waterfall rappelling was such an adrenaline rush thank you Carolina Adventure Guides LLC!!​

Janice Booth by FB
October 2 at 8:27pm
"Thanks for the fun day today, Tito, Katie (and more) at Carolina Adventure Guides! Super awesome!"

Ben Hogan  by FB:

"This company is great! They are fun and very safe. Why I trust my 10year old with them. Call and get your adventure on! Thanks again Tito Menjivar , Your da man!"

A Trip around the sun. Tito Menjivar and Carolinas Adventure Guide kept me wanting more. I realized that the word "FEAR" should not be part of my vocabulary and THANK YOU so much for reiterating that! Cheers to many more upcoming adventures!


June 2015

"Thank you for yesterday. It was a really big deal to me...and a dream of mine that started six years ago. You made it perfect and safe and fun..
I will climb many more times, but you never forget your first, eh? smile emoticon

I will write wonderful reviews and try via my stories and pictures to round up friends to come with me for more adventures with you and your company. Either way, I'll be back."

May 2015

Leslie Morrison  photo.near Charlotte, NC
"I would not hesitate to recommend Tito for the following reasons:
1. Safety is always the number one priority
2. Having fun is a close second so long as it doesn’t compromise safety
3. A wealth of experience
4. Multi-disciplined 
5. Wilderness First Aid Knowledge
6. Never panics 
7. Fantastic value 
8. Always willing to share knowledge and a great teacher
9. A great conversationalist 
10. Logistics is always transparent
11. Everything is always well planned
12. There’s always a plan B for unforeseen events 
For a more extensive review of a planned mountaineering trip:"

Nancy Burgos Hayes via mobile
"Thank you for teaching me how to rappel. You are a great teacher and make your students feel safe in the process. And when I've gone camping with you, my daughter and I both had a great time. Your the best in my book and I recommend you often to my friends and family. Look forward to our next adventure."

Kala Burgos Charlotte, NC
"I have absolutely loved going on repels with you at crowders this past year. It was something I never thought I would do and it was an amazing experience. you are a great teacher and do a great job making everyone feel calm and comfortable. I am proud to say that my first goal was to actually repel which I completed, and my 2nd goal was the waterfall repel.. It was an awesome experience and I am glad I was able to share it with my family, and have as much fun as I did and learning more and more from you each outing we go on. Thanks!!"

Crawford Anderson 
"You're a pro at what you do. Kudos."

Desiree Cumpston Charlotte, NC
"Thank you for yet another wonderful adventure trip! (in Florida). You always make sure that our time on these trips is packed with fun things to do and see. I appreciate the fact that you always take us to places that no one else seems to know about, except the locals!! See you again...Alaska maybe??"

Barry Burgess

"Hi Tito, just wanted to say thank you for everything you have taught my son and I over the last couple of years. Its been great being able to learn a sport with him and feel completely comfortable with your expert instruction and equipment. We have great memories hanging on the walls that we will never forget. Canyoneering Bonas Defeat, Traversing Crowders, Rappelling Big Bradley Falls and Rainbow Falls numerous times, Sunset Rappelling, and multiple climbing and rigging classes to name a few. New Web page looks great, have a great Christmas and see you soon, Barry and Matt."

Erica Putnam
 Charlotte, NC
"Hi Tito, Whether it was the Everglades/Key West trip or one of the many day trips for climbing, rappelling, or to Bonas Defeat Gorge, I have always had a great time, learned a lot, and felt comfortable and secure with the equipment and instruction. Your trip was full of adventures and activities but still felt like a relaxing vacation, and I definitely plan to go on another. You are not only an excellent trip planner but an awesome and patient instructor and I'm looking forward to going on more climbing and day trips."

Greg Bean [posted to]
 Charlotte, NC · January 2014 
"Two years ago mountaineering was one of those impossible dreams that I've thought about all my life but didn't expect to accomplish. When I was growing up I didn't want to be a fireman or a doctor but dreamed of being an explorer. Most people don't get to live out their childhood dreams though. As an adult I didn't expect I would ever climb to the top of the sky much less experience other adrenaline activities like rock climbing and rappelling. The more exotic events - canyoneering, climbing frozen waterfalls and rappelling down flowing waterfalls didn't even register on the radar. Two years ago I took your introduction to climbing course and thanks to your guide skills and passion for launching others into their dreams I've found that my dreams are not only possible but safe and fun. There are many adventures ahead for us and I look forward to them all - thank you Tito."

Ashley Jackson
Charlotte,NC -March 2014
 'Thank you again for the awesome trip. Your expertise and leadership  were greatly appreciated! 
You helped make for an awesome afternoon I will not soon forget. I have already tried to begin to recruit friends for a future trip. '

Adam Cooper said:
"This far exceeded my expectations. Great time GREAT GUIDE!!!"
Deal: Rappelling Experience or Rock Climbing - Charlotte North - 3/26/2014

Nicole Cooper said:
"Our guide, Tito, was fantastic. Safety was his number one priority, and he helped give my son the confidence he needed to try rapelling. This was money well spent! Thank you!"

Deal: Rappelling Experience or Rock Climbing - Charlotte North - 3/26/2014

"I just wanted to say that Anderson and myself had a fantastic time on Saturday. We learned so much from Becky and Chad and overall had a great time climbing. It sparked a new interest for us both and we could like to try another class soon!"


"I’ve already recommended this experience to several of my friends. Best of luck in the future and hope to see you soon for another class! Best,"

"I'm sure it's not optimal for you to have one client on a trip, but it definitely was a great benefit for me.  I feel like I got 4 days of personal instruction on the mountain.   Anything that I can do (testimonials, references, whatever), just let me know.
See you soon,"
Mark Odendahl

"I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks again for all of your efforts on our trip .  I had a great time and learned a ton."

"Thank you, again, for the amazing experience.  It was the coolest thing I have ever done. The kids are still talking about it.  Thank you also for taking the cool pictures. " 

"Had a great experience. The guide was a great teacher and the class was informative and fun. I highly recommend it!"
October 26, 2014 Reply  Tweet

"Its sooo fun and our instructor rreallknew what he was doing and made us feel safe"
November 14, 2014  Tweet