In this outing We will experience the beauty of Stone Mountain as we climb it cheers cliff faces

and practice and experience the wonderful feeling of Friction climbing,a whole new set of

climbing skills and techniques to learn, We will stress common problems to avoid, and ways to increase safety and efficiency on multi-pitch terrain,this is a adventure to remember.Clients ascend a 2-4 pitch route and practice equalizing bolted and traditional anchors, rope management, hanging belays, protecting the second, route finding, and multiple rappels / retreat.

RATE: $65.00
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Meeting at 9:30AM at Stone Mountain parking lot.
We will be done back to the car by 3:00PM

Stone Mountain State Park is tucked away in the mountains near the northern border of North Carolina, only a few miles from Virginia. Easily accessible from a major north-south Interstate highway, and close to the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Stone Mountain hosts some of the cleanest friction climbing found anywhere on its' 600 foot granite dome, and has been a popular east-coast winter climbing spot for many years. 

In lead climbing, one person, called the "leader", will climb from the ground up with rope directly attached to his or her harness (and not through a top anchor) while the other, called the "second", "belays" the leader by feeding out enough rope to allow upward progression without undue slack. As the leader progresses, he clips the rope through intermediate points of protection such as active cams, or passive protection such as nuts; this limits the length of a potential fall. 
Because the climbing rope is of a fixed length, the leader can only climb a certain distance. Thus longer routes are broken up into several "pitches"; this is called "multi-pitching". At the top of a pitch, the "leader" sets up an anchor and then belays the "second" up to the anchor.

-Minimum; Need to have Top rope climbing experience
-All personal gear can be provide but Rock Climbing Shoes
-YOU NEED Rock Climbing Shoes
-One 48 inches Nylon sling
-Water and Lunch.
-Wind/rain jacket
-Sunblock lotion


there is nothing quite like the outdoors.........