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Tito Menjivar

Climbing/Rappelling/ Mountaineering/Adventure Travel

I love the outdoors and feel connected  with people who search for it and enjoy it in a loving and respectful way.
I have climbed and explored  mountains since I was 14.  Teaching and imparting instructions in Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Canyoneering, Ice climbing, Mountaineering and kayaking for over 17 years. Along the way have met a great deal of amazing people, explored the mountains where I can find them and have learned that the best  "goal" to have is to have fun and enjoy every single minute.  

Kristen Witkowski

Yoga/Adventure Travel

I took my first yoga class when I was only 15 with my mother. I don't think I really grasped the meaning of it till I began practicing more regularly in college at ASU in 2006. That coincided with when I learned how to rock climb, which are great complimentary exercises to one another. After college (and many climbing adventures in the Boone area) I moved to Vail, to pursue my love of snowboarding and all other mountain sports. Here I began practicing yoga at a Baptiste studio in Avon. After two winter seasons and a broken tibia I decided to relocate closer to family in Charlotte where I did my teacher training at Yoga One in 2013. I found a connection to the heal and the power that this style provided, and also went on to teach more vinyasa classes . The best part about yoga for me is being able to really focus on your breathe and using that to get present in a world that seems chaotic. Another  benefit for me is staying flexible (mentally and physically) and gaining strength. My yoga is always changing and growing and that's why we call it a yoga practice!  

Becky Baxter

Climbing/Rappelling/Adventure Travel

Becky has been climbing for many years. She knew right away spending time out on the rocks would become one of her preferred ways to enjoy the great outdoors she already loves. Over time her passion has only intensified and expanded to ice climbing and combined with her love of travel to include mountaineering. She is captivated by climbing's unique way of drawing a person's mind and body together in a truly unified manner to overcome the challenges it presents, and accomplish amazing things you otherwise couldn't have thought possible. Having never really experienced this dynamic effect through anything else in her life, it inspires her to share her enthusiasm, technical know-how, and background of safety though mentoring and helping to guide others along their personal adventure journeys. Aside from climbing, she has embarked on many adventure trips across the globe taking her throughout the United States and as far abroad as Australia and New Zealand.
She believes richness in life comes from sharing your love and passions with the world and encouraging others in the same ways.

​​​​Megan Okkerse

Yoga/ Writing/ Climbing/Rappelling

I took my first yoga class my senior year of high school. The practice was something I had no
idea my body needed or craved. As a long distance runner, yoga was a perfect compliment not only to the physical demands of running, but also to my emotional needs. After living in
Portland, Oregon for three years in my mid twenties, I ventured to Charlotte in 2008 and
received my yoga certification from Yoga One in 2009. Following that training, I studied with
Stephanie Keach at The Asheville Yoga center and began teaching weekly classes in Charlotte.

Both practicing and teaching yoga empowered me to embrace a different (more honest)
version of myself than I was previously living. I have always felt more at home and connected in the outdoors than within the confines of modern life (I don’t own a television and most
electronics stress me out). I began rock climbing in 2002 and rediscovered my love for the sportin 2015. I love finding new ways my body wants to move and the strength I didn’t know was

dormant inside me. Big reveal: My biggest passion is writing. I receive the most clarity and

inspiration for writing when I’m in nature. I guess it’s no secret then, that I’m passionate about

combining all my loves and sharing them with others: Yoga, Hiking and Climbing, and Writing
(okay…also chocolate).

​​Rachel Poston


Rachel Poston is a Certified Yoga Instructor and rock climber.  Both her love for yoga and climbing came at a young age.  Rachel Started rock climbing at summer camp and local gyms when she was around 8 years old, around the same time she happened upon a book about yoga.  With a gymnastics background she kept finding herself popping in yoga VHS tapes and started attending classes regularly while in college.  In 2013 Rachel ventured to Costa Rica where she studied yoga and became a certified yoga instructor.  Since then she started practicing studying the traditional Mysore style of yoga, which focuses on breath and movement with little distraction.  In 2015 Rachel rediscovered her love for rock climbing and her love for yoga translated well to the wall.  She has since spent time climbing in Italy, the Dakotas, Wyoming, Colorado, ice climbing in New Hampshire and of course all over North Carolina.  Rachel started working with Carolina Adventure Guides in 2016 as a yoga instructor and an assistant guide.  

*First and fore most the ability to engage the client on a personal level. With out this skill not communication, instruction or safety measure may be achieve to its totality.
*Good judgement and decision making, when assessing risk against pay-off. Common sense and mountain sense to be able to apply "safe measures "  in an effective way.
*Solid and fluent rope skills and climbing moves to be demonstrate with capability, confidence and ease. To teach  the grade on a comfortable  level.  
*Vigorous and durable physical shape to fulfill the demand of clients and to readily react with energy to any unforeseen event.
*Deep knowledge of climbing gear and techniques as well as  any other items in the day to day "Client-care-kit".
*First Aid Wilderness certificated.
*Commitment to good etiquette  and environmental friendly climbing as well as Leave-not-trace guidelines.
*Extensive and gainful rock climbing history  by mean of Climbing Courses, Climbing Certification or Individual experience. 

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We are your best choice for custom Adventure trip and instruction .From Beginner rock climbing, rappelling, canyoneering  day outings and  Extensive backpacking / kayaking / mountaineering  trips . No experience necessary, equipment supplied. Locally and abroad
We guarantee the best instruction and a great value.Our motto is " To help, to achieve and to teach" with us, you will not be just a client in an event but will be an active, dynamic participant and will be involved in the wholesome process of "Outdoor Adventures" in a friendly , fun and safe environment.